Friday, 28 February 2014

February flew by...

another random post

Have you ever tried macaroons?  They were featured on The Great British Bake-Off.  They look so perfect, colourful,  sweet and yummy.  But low and behold, what a disappointment, they really don't taste that good at all - I have a sweet tooth but I really don't like the consistency of these

Tunnock's Teacakes, now they're a tasty treat

I finished my Christmas book - an enjoyable, easy read

my daffodils have shot up

and up

the back garden isn't looking so colourful though

We got new neighbours

the cute little Herdwick sheep have moved back into the field next door

A lovely LARGE parcel came for me.  How exciting

containing lots of colourful new wool

lots and lots of new wool

Mr G and I trawled around all the tile showrooms looking for the perfect floor for our kitchen

I know what I like but it's very, very expensive.  I am trying to find something similar but at a fraction of the cost - I'm beginning to wonder if that even exists.  Hence the 'trawling' around! 

I sent a little birthday gift to my friend - Happy Birthday Ginny

MrG and I had lunch out at The Lounge in Penrith

and Jack Frost paid us a visit.  It really was a chilly February.

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